Job Position

Ulkatcho First Nation Guardian Program

Work Term

Full Time

Hours of Work

35-40 hours / week, irregular work schedules, some weekend work will be necessary.


$25.00 to $28.00/ hour

Reports to

Chunta Manager


Job Description and Purpose

The Ulkatcho First Nation Guardian program has been active since the fall on 2022 and is carried out under the mandate of the Chunta Resources Society. The Guardians have an important role to assert Ulkatcho First Nations rights and title, and to monitor the traditional territory activities in regard to resource extraction, tourism, hunting and freshwater, terrestrial and cultural resources. 


Specifically, the Ulkatcho Fire Guardians tasked with the responsibility of preventing and managing wildfire on the landscape; monitor the impacts of wildfire, as well as provincial and federal regulations; accurately collect and monitor data; and report/download their activities to the Chunta Resources Society. They will help to develop/ update the Ulkatcho Communities Fire Management Plans and will execute our fire prevention and management strategies.


Duties and Responsibilities


       Respond to fire and other calls for assistance, such as automobile and industrial accidents, bomb threats and other emergencies

       Control and extinguish fires using manual and power equipment, such as axes, water hoses, aerial ladders and hydraulic equipment and various firefighting chemicals

       Administer first aid and other assistance

       Ensure proper operation and maintenance of firefighting equipment

       Prepare written reports on fire incidents

       Inform and educate the public on fire prevention

       Will gather Indigenous Knowledge pertaining to past an future fire management strategies

       May host community meeting, info sharing/ info gathering sessions and/or educational meetings

       Will work to develop/ update Ulkatcho’s Fire management plans

       Will perform back burns, cultural burns in tradition territory as a means of fire prevention

       Will perform Fire Smart activities in community and on Keyah lands

       Train to maintain high level of physical fitness

       Assist the public, the police and emergency organizations during times of major disasters

       May participate as members of a trauma or emergency response team and provide paramedical aid to accident victims or ill persons

       May supervise and coordinate the work of other firefighters

       May conduct building inspections to ensure compliance with fire code.




Knowledge and Experience

               Strong knowledge of Ulkatcho First Nation territory and values

               Demonstrated ATV and snowmobile experience

               Familiarity with gps, sat phones, inreach devices and tablets

               Mechanically inclined with atvs & snowmobiles

               Knowledge of Species at Risk (within the territory) as well as freshwater and terrestrial species 

               Familiarity with Ulkatcho’s indigenous policies as well as federal and provincial rules and regulations

               Proficient computer skills, including Word, Excel, email and using handheld devices

Personal Suitability

               Strong communication skills and be able to interact with visitors and resource users in a polite and positive manner

               Confident, comfortable, and assertive in addressing violation issues with community members and resource users

               Dependable, motivated and demonstrates a strong work ethic 

               Shows initiative and is a team player

               Demonstrates a strong commitment to the Ulkatcho Guardian program vision 

               Demonstrates a strong commitment to protecting the health of Ulkatcho territory and culture

               Ability to work irregular work hours and weekends including overnight trips, when necessary


Certificate/Training Requirements (Willing to Train Right Canadite)

               Valid driver’s license (Must Have)









Expected training/certificates (considered an asset if already acquired):

o                     Swift Water Rescue 

o                     DTA

o                     Power Saw/ Chainsaw 

o                     Bear Awareness

o                     Wilderness Safety and Survival First Aid  

o                     Restricted Radio Operator (ROC-M)

o                     Level 1 First Aid



Working Conditions

This field position requires working extensively under isolated conditions on the territory. The working conditions can include long atv rides and snowmobiling to remote sites. Long hikes in rugged terrain, possible boat work on rough waters, helicopter and fixed wing airplane surveys. Some remote work may require camping or overnight stays away from the community. You must demonstrate that you are comfortable in the outdoors and have the necessary first aid and safety training to be safe on the job, or able to be successfully trained.


Physical Requirements

The Guardian position is physically demanding, and will include travel and working in all types of weather, hiking long distances on the territory, and moving and/or packing heavy field equipment to remote site or gathering areas. Applicants must be in good physical health to carry out the job effectively without injury.


Application Details

Please email a cover letter, resume to: Alyisha Knapp, Interim Operations Manager, Chunta

Resources Society ( or drop it off at the Chunta Resources Society 22562 Chilcotin Hwy 20


Only successful candidates will be contacted for an interview. 


Posting Date:  April 8, 2024


Interview process

·         Only shortlisted candidates are contacted

·         Interview

·         Criminal record check

·         References